Search Engine Promotion and Submission FAQ

Website optimization ensures that your website is found. If visitors can't find you, they will find your competition. No matter how good your website may be, if your customers can't find information you have or services you can offer, they can't buy from you. You can design and promote your web site yourself to save money, but you need to know what you're doing.

One wrong step and your site is banned from a search engines for a long time.


What is SEO and Search Engine Optimization?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization.
The optimization is a process when the actual website rebuilt in a way when Search motors are able to find itt and place it on the best position which is possible. Search motors are Google, Yahoo, etc.

The optimization is a long term of work. Most of the time it means changing the programming and coding of the actual website but sometimes changes in content or structure.

The promotion is the next step of SEO. When the website already prepared  and the robots can see it and measure it relevancy of the keywords than registration and submission  to search engines and link centers is the next step. Most of the time paid submissions are necessary but sometimes there are options for free submissions as well. When everything done than from 3 to 5 weeks later search engine bots are coming and indexing the page, after this results become visible.


Can I be No.1 in Google?

Of course; but for which keywords?
You can be No.1 with bad keyword, which will never bring you quality visitors to use your services and make profit to your business.

To choose the best possible keywords (ideal keywords) is one of the most important part of SEO. The best decision needs to be made between the Client and the professional SEO expert. For example be No.1 in any search engine for the keywords „sleeping cheap Miskolc Hungary”  is not very complicated job because:

  • Nobody will search for keywords like this.
    Most likely people will search for „accommodation Miskolc Hungary”, which is more logical.
  • The number of listed website in search engines database is very low
  • Keywords are not directly relevant to your business activity


Some SEO companies are offering No1. position for any keywords Client is asking for, but technically it’s impossible.
For example for very general keywords like „Dj” or „Hotel” it is naturally impossible to imagine that from 313,000,000 web pages indexed by Search Engines  your website will be number one. Big companies paying serious amount of money to have this positions.


Will my website become successful after I made SEO promotion? 

SEO campaign can bring much more visitors to the website and position your web site high in search engine listing.

But website ned to  be build in a proper way both, structurally and logically, in this case SEO can make millions of extra profit for the company. If the website visually do not deliver the feeling of trust and creditability any kind of successful promotion not going to help to convert high ranking and clicks to actual profit.


Is there any negative impacts which SEO can cause to my website?

In the last few years SEO marketing gowned to a special industry and has companies who can promise any result for some quick money using „black hat” strategies to bring the website to top positions.

If someone is not an expert in SEO and using illegal methods (hidden text, spamming with keywords, doorway pages...etc) your website can be harmed and even removed from search engines for half  a year or more.

We provide only quality services and can guaranty  long term benefits for your company.



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